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Meet Krauted Haus

Here at the conference headquarters, we’re dedicated to our mission to enliven the urban discussion – and that most certainly includes the discourse on the importance of sustainably-grown, locally-sourced food. As dedicated foodies, it’s especially important to us that our catering choices align with that mission.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the Cognitive Cities Conference will officially be catered by Berlin’s own underground supper club:

Krauted Haus.

Founders Samantha Garfield and Sophie von Oswald (pictured above) put on amazing dinners for those in the know. According to their website, “A week prior to each meal, the menu is released to Krauted Haus’s mailing list subscribers and then published on the website. The first interested parties to RSVP enjoy a multi-course meal and wine, beer or cocktail pairing at prix-fixe.”

For those of us who haven’t yet had a chance to partake, now’s your chance. Take a look at the upcoming menu designed exclusively for us:

8:00 – Breakfast

  • orange juice
  • herb and ricotta omelet roulette
  • zucchini muffins with walnuts and cloves
  • mixed berry salad macerated in lemon, mint, simple syrup and cinnamon

11:30 – Snack

  • homemade peanut and coconut granola bars with soy protein

13:00 – Lunch

  • medley of:

    red lentil hummus
    broiled eggplant and feta
    mediterranean salad with capers, chickpeas, olives and arugula

  • served with sumac and olive oil pita chips

16:00 – Coffee Break

    choice of 2 smoothies:

  • avocado, chili and ginger
  • peach, cantaloupe, soy and almond

*coffee, tea (served with sugar rock candy), bottled water, Bionade, and Club Mate available all day
**vegetarian and vegan options available

We can’t wait.

Early Bird Tickets Sale comes to an end

Did you enjoy sliding into the New Year?

We had a great break. After month of hard work on the conference, the team needed a bit time off. But we are back and working in full force on the conference again.

Tickets are selling fast right and it seems as we are going to be a very international bunch of people at the conference weekend. Especially Londoners seem to dig what we are cooking up, but we also sold tickets to South Africa, Canada, Denmark, USA, Hungary and a few other countries. That’s very exciting. If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, go grab it now! The Early Bird tickets are available till next Tuesday and only 60 are left. After that the price for the ticket will go up to 99 Euros.

We are still talking to all kind of interesting people to be involved in CoCities. As already announced on Twitter, we are very happy that Dannie Jost will be a speaker at the conference. Dannie is science advisor and senior research fellow at the World Trade Institute (WTI), she also works for the NCCR Trade Regulation and the law faculty at the University of Bern. She works in policy and regulation issues where science, technology and trade are involved in close collaboration with trade lawyers and other experts in regulatory affairs. Over the years she has developed an insatiable curiosity for the developments in digital communication technologies and in particular the issue of knowledge ownership. She is also working a book project that centers around the relationship between humans and technology.

For more details see the author’s page in Quantum Symbionts

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