• Adam Greenfield

    Managing director of Urbanscale

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    Adam Greenfield is the author of Speedbird and the founder and managing director of Urbanscale. You might also have read his book “Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing”. Follow Adam on Twitter:

  • Anil Bawa-Cavia

    Researcher at Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)

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    Anil Bawa-Cavia is a technologist with a background in social software. Former lead developer of online music network Last.fm, Anil now researches urban networks at the inter-disciplinary Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UK.
    Follow Anil on Twitter: @joanofarctan

  • Ben Hammersley

    Editor at Large Wired UK

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    Meet our moderator for the day, Ben Hammersley. Ben is Editor at Large Wired UK, Head of Digital at Six Creative, Director at CampusPartyUSA and the founder of JPDGP. Follow Ben on Twitter:

  • Dannie Jost

    Science Advisor and Senior Research Fellow at WTI

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    Dannie Jost is Science Advisor and Senior Research Fellow at the World Trade Institute (WTI), NCCR Trade Regulation, Law Faculty, University of Bern. She works in policy and regulation issues where science, technology and trade are involved in close collaboration with trade lawyers and other experts in regulatory affairs. Follow Dannie on twitter: @dannie

  • Dietmar Offenhuber

    Researcher at MIT SENSEable City Lab

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    Dietmar Offenhuber is a media artist with a background in architecture and a focus on spatial concepts of cognition, representation and behavior. He is a founding member of the Ars Electronica Futurelab and currently a reasearcher at MIT SENSEable City Lab.

  • Georgina Voss

    Manager of Homesense Project

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    Georgina manages the Homesense research project, and is a Tutorial Fellow in Ethics at Sussex University. She has previously worked with Tinker London, focusing on user and outlaw design and innovation. You can follow her on Twitter:

  • Juha van ’t Zelfde

    Co-founder of Vurb.eu

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    Half Finnish, half DJ and the co-founder of Vurb, Juha van ‘t Zelfde is interested in ubiquitous culture and urban rhythms. Follow Juha on Twitter:

  • Matt Biddulph

    Head of OVI Data Strategy Nokia

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    Matt is currently Head of Data Strategy for Ovi products at Nokia. A co-founder of Dopplr (acquired by Nokia in 2009), he has previously worked at the UK Press Association and the BBC, always focusing on data-driven products and finding patterns in information. Follow Matt on twitter: @mattb

  • Pitt Moos

    Product Manager Smart Electric Vehicles

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    Pitt Moos is the Product Manager for the Smart Electric Vehicle series. In this position he focuses on pushing the boundaries for urban and sustainable mobility.

  • Sami Niemelä

    Creative Director of Nordkapp

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    Sami Niemelä is the creative director of Nordkapp, a Helsinki based group of experienced designers, strategists and technologists. Follow Sami on Twitter:

  • Ton Zijlstra

    OpenGov activist

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    Ton Zijlstra is an OpenGov activist and one of the leading minds behind the FabLab movement in the Netherlands. Follow Ton on Twitter:

  • Vini Tiet

    Head of Development and Sustainability at ICADE Germany

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    Vinh-Nghi Tiet is currently Head of Development and Sustainability at ICADE Germany, a Real Estate Investor and developer. Also auditor for the German society for sustainable buildings, he focuses on creating buildings that join sustainable lifestyle and performing business.

  • Warren Ellis

    Author of comics, novels, and television

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    Warren Ellis is an English author of comics, novels, and television recognized for his  sociocultural commentary on futurist themes spannning nanotechnology, cryonics, mind transfer, and human enhancement.