The conference

The Cognitive Cities Conference (#CoCities) aims to bring the vibrant global conversation about the future of cities to Germany. We believe that collaboration and diversity lead to the best results. By inviting bright minds with different perspectives, it is our ambition to enable not only an in-depth exchange about the current state of affairs, but also to foster new projects and contribute to the ongoing global discussion. We see CoCities as a platform for exchange and mutual inspiration. We invite urban planners, designers, technology geeks, environmental experts, public officials, urban gardening enthusiasts and cultural influencers to be part of the conversation. We can only make our cities more livable if we work together to improve them. Speakers »


Day 1 – 26. Feb, 2011 – Heimathafen Neukölln (ticket required)

We’re going to meet in a great space in the middle of Berlin Neukölln for a full day of inspiration and conversation. We are curating a program that mixes keynote-ish, visionary talks about more general topics with practical project presentations to make sure that everybody has some take-aways from this day, no matter how deeply involved or still fresh to the topic you are. We will leave enough room in the program to digest the information and converse over the inspiration.

Day 2 – 27. Feb, 2011 – Distributed across the city (free & open for everyone)

After a whole day of listening and receiving, we will leave our safe haven in Neukölln and go into the city. There will be art exhibitions, walk-/workshops, film screenings, startup crawls and much more throughout Kreuzberg and beyond. We as the organizers also know that most of you have something to add to the conversation about our cities and we want to provide a space for that. We love barcamps so we will provide some venues where you can meet and follow up on topics from day 1 or give a presentation or plan a project etc.

For whom?

We believe that diversity is essential for mutual inspiration. CoCities is aimed at designers, architects, futurists, urban planners, web geeks, activists, urban dwellers, you name it. If you are interested in the future of your city, you are most welcome.

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If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, or if would like to get involved as a volunteer or sponsor, please get in touch. We look forward hearing and exchanging ideas with you. Send us an Email »