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Congratulations, Scavenger Hunt Winners!

CoCities would like to congratulate the winners of our official scavenger hunt, Team World 5-0! (5-0 is American slang for police.) The winning team, consisting of (from left to right) Kat Hoffman, Victoria Marshall, Henning Knopp, and Louis Belpaire, have a varied background, coming from the U.S., France, and Germany.

Coming up in second place was team Faster Pussycat. Portugal, Germany and the U.S. were represented. Good job guys! Just go faster next time.

For those of you who chose not to brave the cold in the name of glory and fame, you can still partake in the scavenger hunt – just without the  glory. Clues with answers below.

The Hunt (5 points per answer; 2 answers per clue)

  1. Name your team and take a team photo in front of an U-Bahn station sign. (Name; picture)
  2. Who is the renowned female North American urban planning theorist of the 1960s? The first 3 letters of her first name are the first 3 letters of an U-Bahn station. Go to the station 4 stops north of this on the same line. Upon arrival, exit east out of the station and continue until you see the noticeable main attraction. (Theorist; station name)
  3. As you walk through this attraction, notice that the sale of a particular type of item, only sold in pairs, is extremely popular. The first two letters of this item are the first two letters of a trendy coffee shop in very close vicinity. Go to this coffee shop. (Item; coffee shop name)
  4. Here at the coffee shop, a popular item on the menu could also be an apt description for one of Le Corbusier’s most famous buildings. The third letter of the first word of this menu item is also the first letter of a month. On the street named after this month, you’ll find a design bookshop. Go there. (Menu item; name of bookshop)
  5. When you’re here, check-in on Foursquare. (Bonus: topple Third Wave co-founder Johannes K. as mayor for an extra 20 points) Now find the fifth word of the 5th article in the current issue of McSweeney’s. (Screenshot of check-in; 5th word) And while you’re here, why don’t you read up on De Stijl?
  6. Which park shares a name with a style of architecture prevalent in late 19th century Western Europe? One of the streets leading into the park also shares a name with an eminent Swedish film director. Who is this director? (Name of park; name of director)
  7. Near the park is a culinary establishment dedicated to serving Berlin’s unofficially official dish. The name of the establishment includes the year in which Berlin’s Olympic Stadium was built. Instagram a picture of the team in front of this establishment, sign visible, eating one of their dishes. (Name of establishment; screenshot)
  8. Trivia Round: How many times did Warren Ellis take a sip of whiskey during his keynote? Which member of Yourneighbours is not blonde? (Drink of choice; name of non-blonde)
  9. Complete any 2 bonuses
  10. The architect Norman Foster was bestowed with a meritable title for his contributions to architecture in 1990. This title will help you find the name of the street on which your next stop is. There, the 4 letter name of a company that is unofficially known as the eBay of crafts is your answer. (Name of title; name of company)

You should now be a few steps away from the place where we will reconvene – and you’re now ready for your final clue:
Which strait-laced painter would have refused to walk down this street? (Painter’s name)

Bonuses. Completion of a bonus adds points to your score.

  1. Assume Foursquare mayorship of an establishment and add a tip. Screenshots optional – just tell us the name of the place. (5)
  2. Find a born-in-Berlin native (harder than it seems) and interview them on video. Ask them how the city has changed during their lives. (15)
  3. Where is this glass construction? (10)
  4. Take a picture of the team pushing a stroller in Prenzlauer Berg. (5)
  5. What is the name of the practice of determining an object’s geometric properties from photographs? (10)
  6. Take a team picture with Warren, Ben Hammersley, or Adam Greenfield (10)
  7. Receive an @-reply from Warren on Twitter. Send us the link or screenshot (15)
  8. Get Warren to follow a team member on Twitter. Send proof. (50. Each.)
  9. Take a picture of a team member eating a Japanese crepe or Bibimbap. (10)
  10. Record a video of a team member drinking a shot of Absinthe. (15)

Immediate Win if each team member receives an entrance stamp to Berghain. Email picture.


1. –
2. Jane Jacobs, Jannowitzbrucke
3. Boots, Bonanza
4. Flat white, Do You Read Me?
5. –
6. Viktoria Park, Ingmar Bergmann
7. Curry 36
8. 3, Floris Dekker or Guido Schetters
9. –
10. Sir, Etsy
Final clue: Mondrian

Applicable bonus answers:
3. Galeries Lafayette Friedrichstr.
5. Photogrammetry